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Aqua Academy Customers

Please note that your December direct debit for your swimming lessons will be frozen to reflect the closure.

Return class dates (Subject to government changes)

Monday 7th December
Tuesday 8th December
Wednesday 2nd December
Thursday 3rd December
Friday 4th December
Saturday 5th December
Sunday 6th December


Aqua Academy Protocol:

1. Face coverings must be worn while in the building.
2. Please bring your child beach ready to the new drop zone area, preferably just the 2 of you.
3. We must insist that you arrive on time for your class due to the new staggered class times.
4. You will be greeted by either a member of staff or your swim teacher.
5. When your child has gone on to poolside please take their belongings with you. You can then use the external black steps (next to drop zone) up to the viewing gallery.
6. There will be chairs set 2m apart while you wait for your child class.
7. The 2m social distancing must always be adhered to.
8. Once the lesson is finished come back down the internal stairs by reception and enter the vanity area to the changing rooms. Your swim teacher will guide you to which changing room your child is in.
9. Please get your child changed as quickly as possible.
10. Showers will not be available.
11. Please exit the building through the front entrance door.

Please continue to check here for further updates.

Our Aqua Academy follows the Swim England National Plan for Teaching Swimming for both adults and children.

You can join our Aqua Academy at any point throughout the year, subject to availability.

From the complete beginner to experienced swimmers who want to diversify into other water based sports (competitive swimming, Rookie Lifeguards) our Aqua Academy programme can help you to make the very most of this important life skill. Our programme includes the following stages:

Discovery Ducklings 1-4
I CAN Awards (9 awards)
Stages 1 - 7
Stages 8 - 10 Competitive Swimming
Stages 8 - 10 (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
Private Swimming Lessons
Distance Awards

In addition we offer 1:1 Private Swimming Lessons at Meadway Sports Centre.  For lesson availability and to pre-book your lesson please call Meadway Sports Centre Tel: 0118 937 5060.

Aqua Academy Enrolment

You can enrol on the Aqua Academy throughout the year.

Selecting a Course

We recommend that you look at the Class Descriptions to identify which class is most suitable. Our Quick Search facility will allow you to view class days and times.

If you are unsure of your child's ability level then contact Meadway Sports Centre and book an Aqua Academy Assessment. There is a £5 charge for this assessment which will be refunded when you book onto an Aqua Academy Course.

Then simply contact Meadway Sports Centre to check availability on your chosen course. If possible, it is best to have options for course days and times, so we can place you on a course as soon as possible.

We regularly review our course programme and adjust it to accommodate changing demands and requirements.

A £5.00 admin charge will be made for all new Aqua Academy customers.

Course Duration

All classes are 30 minutes in duration.

Course Programme

The programme operates on a 50 week basis, with course payments being made by monthly Direct Debit. You remain on the programme for as long as you wish. Please note: There will be no course refunds for the Christmas break, as your Direct Debit payments allow for this period.

Course Progression

Our swimming coaches continually assess pupil's progress. Once a pupil has successfully completed their stage, the coach will issue you with a Course Transfer slip. This slip will recommend the next stage for class progression. Take your slip to reception, our receptionists will be able to offer you your new class option, and book you onto your chosen class* (*Subject to availability).

RSL Centre Closure Update

For the latest details see our Centre Re-opening Updates page.

General enquires can be made by contacting

For the latest update on the leisure service at Rivermead Leisure Complex, visit:

For regular updates please visit:

For regular home based health and wellbeing tips and useful links please visit:


General Data Protection Regulations

General Data Protection Regulations

Data Protection Officer:

What Personal Data Is Held?

Name: Required order to verify details and for general customer service.

Address: Required for any important correspondence such as changes to Direct Debits or changes to customer terms and conditions.

Date of birth: Required for Health and Safety as some classes and equipment have age restrictions and we need to be able to verify age.

Gender: Required as we run some female only classes for cultural and religious purposes.

Mobile phone number: Required to inform you of last minute class changes. We will only use your mobile phone number if a class or operational changes directly affects you.

Home phone number: Not mandatory, but can be added if requested as another means of contact.

Email address: Not mandatory, but required if any of our customers wish to book classes on online.

Ethnic origin: Not mandatory

Medical records: Required to ensure customer safety before using gyms or classes.

Bank account number: Only needed/ mandatory of setting a Direct Debit

Bank sort code number: Only needed/ mandatory of setting a Direct Debit

Photograph: Required for verification purposes.

Medical information obtained when customers completed a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) will be retained in a secure filing cabinet on the site at which enrolment took place.

How with the data be stored?

On secure encrypted computers.

Information is stored in on an external server who provide the system software. This is is supplied and supported by a private commercial company named Legend. This uses a database for the storage and retrieval of the data. To ensure security of data the system can only be accessed with a username and password. Each system user has an individual username and password and a user profile which only allows them to access the details they need to carry out their job. All user actions are logged by the application in an audit log.

Medical information obtained when customers completed a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) will be retained in a secure filing cabinet on the site at which enrolment took place.

What is the legal basis for the collection, use and storage of the data?

Necessary for performance of public interest task in exercise of official legal duty under Section 19 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976

Details of how long the data will be stored and criteria used to determine this:

With the exception of Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ forms), we retain customer details for 6 years from the date of termination as per the guidance from the Local Government Association (LGA). Medical information (PARQ forms) will be destroyed upon termination of membership. We will delete your personal details if your membership is cancelled and you request us to.

Who will it be shared with and for what purpose?

We will pass your information to the Police if required following a criminal offence.

Your employer, but only if they are paying for the cost of the membership and need to verify it has been paid for and/or being used.

How can the service user get access to stored data?

A Subject Access Request can be made by following the link:

Will the data be transferred outside the EU?


Is processing based on consent?

The right to withdraw consent at any time needs to be communicated.

What rights do you have over your stored data?

You have the right to put a complaint forward to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

You have the right to change your personal data rectified if it is not accurate.

Will there be any automated decision making?