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Exercise Activity


While our centres are closed due to the Corona virus, we have listed below useful links which offer exercise ideas for all ages and abilities, along with exercise videos produced by RSL coaches. New links and videos will be added to this section regularly, so come back soon and maybe try something new.

In addition, we will post regular home based health and wellbeing tips and useful links, please visit:

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors.

RSL coaches helping you to stay fit and active.

Our coaches have devised a number of exercise classes to help you keep to your exercise routines, and stay active!

Gentle Exercise - Exercise routines for those with long term health conditions:

RSL Coach: Binders - Introduction to home exercise:

RSL Coach: Binders - Exercise video:

Exercise Ideas - Great ways to develop all round fitness:

RSL Coach: Sue Chalmers workout video:

RSL Coach: Aaron Stevens workout videos:

Advanced Exercise Class Ideas - Push yourself to achieve your goals:

RSL Coach: Jake Barker exercise video:

Health & Wellbeing Exercises - Balance out your weekly workouts:

RSL Coach: Alice - Spinal Mapping Yoga video:

RSL Coach: Alice - Yoga video:

RSL Coach: Sophie - Balance Challenge Video:


It's never been more important for everyone to be active, stay well and feel connected.  Get Berkshire Active are supporting the Mayathon Challenge. Buddy-up with a friend, family or colleague (virtually), starting on 1st May, to complete an unbroken streak of 26 minutes of exercise a day for 26 days.

Our own version of a marathon! It can be any activity, any intensity – no need to leave home! Let's stay active (virtually) together. Who will you challenge? Join us using #mayathonbuddy.

To find out more about the challenge and to access the free Mayathon app to support you, go to For ideas and free resources to help everyone stay active at home and information about exercising safely, go to and follow #StayInWorkOut.

It’s Day 1 of the Mayathon Challenge -

26 minutes of exercise every day for 26 days with a buddy. Let’s be active and stay well at home (virtually) together.

If you haven't been active recently, remember to start slowly and gradually, and consider splitting your 26 minutes into smaller chunks too - it's not about how far or how fast! For guidelines and information about exercising safely, go to

Day 5

Being active is great not just for physical health, but mental wellbeing too, improving mood and reducing stress. #mayathonbuddy Free App tracks your progress and how you’re feeling or you could use our calendar to track instead

Day 8

It’s important for everyone to stay active at this time, whatever your age or mobility level. Do you know someone who wants to be more active you could support? See the resources to support everyone in their Mayathon Challenge including families, older adults, and people with disabilities or long-term conditions . If you’re supporting someone who doesn’t have access to a computer, lots of these resources are printable too.

Day 12

By being active for 26 minutes every day through the mayathon challenge, adults (19+ years) are meeting the national physical activity recommendation to aim to be moderately active for at least 150 minutes per week. Adults should also aim to build strength and improve balance on at least 2 days a week. View full guidelines displayed in colourful infographics here

Day 15

Being active can help build routine and structure into our days while we’re at home. But did you also know it can improve your mood, relieve stress, help you sleep and help manage conditions like anxiety and depression? There are great ideas here . Being active with a buddy (virtually) can support and motivate each other to stay active, feel connected and gain the benefits. Use the free mayathon app to track how you're feeling each day, as well as your daily activity, and motivate your buddy! . Who is your #mayathonbuddy?

Activity suggestion: RSL Coach: Alice - Yoga video:

Day 19

Exercise for your #mayathonbuddy Challenge doesn’t need to be high intensity or fast – it can be slow and gentle like Yoga, Pilates and seated exercises. Building strength and improving balance and flexibility are key parts of staying active. Plus being active can help manage lower back-pain, arthritis, MSK conditions. See some ideas here

Activity suggestion: RSL Coach: Sophie - Balance Challenge Video:

Day 22

We’ve nearing the end of our 26-day mayathon challenge! By building activity into our day-to-day routines, we’re most likely to continue with it. The more we enjoy doing our activity, the more likely we’ll keep it up, so if you haven’t found what you like yet there’s still time to try something new! If you need some inspiration try looking at #thisgirlcan, www.weareundefeatable, . What activity do you enjoy doing most? #stayinworkout

Activity suggestion: Why not try something new from our home based health and wellbeing useful links, or workout by following a video produced by our RSL coaches.

Day 26 Well Done!

It's the last day of our mayathon challenge! Well done everyone who has taken part. Over these past 26 days, you and your buddy will hopefully be feeling fitter, moods lifted, and a bit more connected. And maybe developed some new routines. Tell us about your mayathon experience!

Indoor Exercise Class Ideas

Indoor Wellbeing Exercise Ideas

Ensure you include health and wellbeing exercises into your weekly routines, here are some useful links:

RSL Coach: Alice - Spinal Mapping Yoga video:

RSL Coach: Alice - Yoga video:

RSL Coach: Sophie - Balance Challenge Video:

NHS Pilates for beginners:

NHS Chair based Pilates:

NHS Pyjama Pilates Workout:

NHS Vinyasa Flow Yoga:

NHS Bedtime Meditation:

Young Minds: Here are some steps you can take if you are feeling anxious:

6 week Free Post Natal Yoga classes

Every Saturday from 23 May, 9 to 10am.

to sign up email 

Indoor Advanced Exercise Class Ideas

Exercise ideas for those who are familiar with regular workouts and exercising:

RSL Coach: Jake Barker exercise video:

Indoor Exercise Ideas For Kids

Keep your children entertained and active, maybe set aside a particular time of day to programme in some fun style exercise!

Change For Life - 10 Minute Shake Up Games:

Indoor Gentle Exercise

Exercise routines for those with long term health conditions:

RSL Coach: Binders - Introduction to home exercise:

RSL Coach: Binders - Exercise video:

Gentle exercise routines for people new to exercise:

NHS Aerobics for beginners:

Exercise routines for people with disabilities:

Get Berkshire Active has a range of suggested activities tailored for people with disabilities:

10 Today is an exercise programme from Sport England and Demos designed for older people:

Mind and Body

This wellbeing initiative will encourage folks to keep active during this extended period at home with 24 different, fun, easy to do, at home tasks.

Get some advice on how young people can cope with your emotions in these unusual times

Arthritis Action general help

New exercise routine suggestions on Arthritis Action social media channels to run every Wednesday, inspiring physical activity for people in self-isolation

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy provide best advice, guidance and exercises for your pain.

Mental health is as important as our physical health, and there is always something we can do to improve it. Browse for your mind NHS Every Mind Matters for some great ideas.


Indoor Exercise for Families

Keep a track of your steps while you are exercising at home and in the garden. For ideas on how to do this see our link below:

Beat the Bug is packed with hints, tips and ideas to help individuals and families of all ages stay physically fit, strengthen their immunity and improve mental and emotional wellbeing, visit: