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Cardiovascular Fitness


Give you heart and lungs a good workout in our cardiovascular exercise classes. These classes are ideal for all round fitness development and fat burning benefits!

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Cardiovascular Fitness Classes

Cardiovascular Fitness Classes

20, 20, 20

Aerobics, toning & core exercises.


A class of motivating, high energy routines. A great fat burning class!


A low impact aerobic class in the pool using water for support and resistance, which combines exercises to improve strength and body tone.

Body blitz

An all over body toning and aerobic experience not to be missed!

Circuit Training 16+ years

Classes challenge your whole body by combining strength and aerobic exercises. Our coach will combine the use of both fitness equipment stations and traditional floor exercises.


A lively class set to Drum & Base!

HIIT (Advanced Class) 16+ years

High impact movements with interval training - Burn those calories!

Junior Fitness

A chance for those aged 13 - 16 years of age to learn how to use the CV equipment effectively and safely. Membership not required.

Line Dancing

A social way to take part in mildly energetic exercise, with easy to learn routines.


A fun, athletic cycling workout that burns fat fast! You work at your own fitness level, using the bike's restistance levels, to develop cardiovascular fitness. Please bring water and a towel with you as you will be burning lots of calories!


An all round workout to music, to increase your general fitness and tone up your lower body.

Step & Abs Attack

A great class for toning up your lower body and abs.

Weights to Music

A barbell class to sculpt, tone and strengthen your whole body.


This lively Latin dance class is an efective way to get fit and toned with an abs and stretch section at the end. Before you know it you'll be getting fit and your energy levels will be soaring!

Zumba Mix

A mix up of Zumba styles and activities, a great way to get fit!